How to spot the fake gold in your necklace?

Necklaces are the very important thing for the women. Women love to wear it as it makes them look better. There is a different kind of jewelry available in the market like as name plate necklace and other also. It is a burning question among people that how to spot the fake necklace.

Most of the people got cheated because of the reason, and you can take out the solution of this by reading this post. Here are some of the tips given to you which help you check that the necklace is real or not. These tips are really helpful because of the over smartness of the people.

What are fake necklaces?

Before finding the tricks to find the fake necklace first understand that what fake necklaces are. These necklaces are not made of gold or any precious metal. They are just made of the cheap metal which is covered with the thin layer of gold which makes them look like as the real one.

Things should be considered for finding

The fake jewelry looks same with the real one. It is difficult to find the fake jewelry, but the given points are helpful to spot it. Those points are:

  • They are not real gold or other precious metal, so that is why they will get fade after some time and loss their shine too.
  • Check that the gold is dense or not.
  • Real gold is heavier as compared to the fake one.
  • Check out the hallmark of the jewelry; it is the most important you should check first.

Ending words

Name plate necklace and other name plated pieces of jewelry are very much famous. Jewelry is not a cheap thing it costs a lot to take the help from these points and takes the real one and be aware from the cheating.

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